Guest Poets

First line teasers for quotes and poems generously shared with this blog by poets and presses. Click and enjoy!

Barbara Aragon

“Dancing in a Circle/with feet and/steps that tease/independence”

Diane Bader

“Outside, the maple”

Coleman Barks

“Self inside self, You are nothing but me.”

“That one is blessed and at peace…”

“Where did I come from, and how?”

Robert Bly

“When he wakes, a man is like the earth”

“When your privacy is beginning over”

Michael Blumenthal

“The moon was out last night, mysterious as ever, …”

“The world is.”

Clare Bonsall

“The whoosh of air”

Andree Chedid

“We need/the empty”

Billy Collins

“A poem for me displaces silence the way your body displaces water.”

Annie Finch

“We need/the empty”

Eva Gore-Booth

“For years I sought the Many in the One, …”

Beata Grant

Human life consists of meetings and partings,

Connie Gutowsky

“I find myself again/in a dream”


Ian Haight

“A sublime day of blossoms–”

Olav Hague

“No root groping…”

Judy Halebsky

Like a handmade ceramic bowl

Jane Hirshfield

“Everything changes. Everything is connected. Pay attention.”

“Morning unlocks the lake…”

“There is something out in the dark that wants to correct us.”

Linda Hogan

“First woman was made of slender bones”


“A sublime day of blossoms–”


“Don’t worry, spiders,”

Juan Ramon Jimenez

I feel my boat/has struck something large…

Susan Kelly-DeWitt

“I believe…”

“Who is to say…”

“Something woke the hills and the lupines, the poppies and the cliffs”

Stephen Kessler

“Your eyes are from a place…”

“What did you lose that you never wrote– …”

Kenneth Koch

“Silence is not everything.”

“Go this way and that”

Sarah Lagomarsino

“Paradise Valley, among naive Firs and Pines”

“Sacramento’s fleur- d’-lis; her multi- flowered boon,
neighbor wants his neighbor’s color,
mother wants her daughters’ bloom.”


“Self inside self, You are nothing but me.”

“That one is blessed at at peace…”

“Where did I come from, and how?”

Jessie Lendennie

“Can one be afraid of hills…”

Perie Longo

“Starts with sitting still, listening…”

Federico Garcia Lorca

“The night always slows./The day comes and goes.”

Alison Luterman

“She for whom I am named

Ann Menebroker

“Imagine the curve of light

Alexa Mergen

“One night, she turns the novel’s last page. This is all—”

“I want to sing like a whale sings on midnight escapades.”

“Some days even this street”

“It starts with interrogate, ends with preserve.”

“beg belongs in beginning”

“Between me and the world”

“Rising in the dark is easier,/putting on the kettle for you.”

“The undersides of birds tell stories”

“Time does not heal all wounds,”

“The night always slows./The day comes and goes.”

“Gray skies deepen spring greens”

“have pleasant environments, together, our”

“Yellow the color of sun. It comes from the solar plexus”

“As long as a woman’s forearm,/as thick as a wrist,/the salmon’s gray; the water’s hazy.”

“The moon wakes me”

“When I used to hear Great Smoky Mountains/I’d think on Dolly Parton…”

Michael McClure


Pablo Neruda

“One doesn’t count illusions”

Robin Netzer

“I have kept the green lace-wing on the kitchen wall”

William O’Daly

“One doesn’t count illusions”

Holly O’Meara

“I sit all alone”

Jennifer O’Neill Pickering

“Blessed with a blossoming heart”

Robert Pinsky

“Air an instrument of the tongue,”

Shawn Pittard

“A grasshopper jumps one step ahead”

“Moonlight snapped”

M.C. Richards

“Behold Behold”

“Our two arms are stretched like wings from the pivot, …”

David Richo

“As we read and write poetry, we find out how far we, too, can stretch…”

Rainer Maria Rilke

“One can always watch.”

“I want to unfold.”

Melinda Rivasplata

“Follow the gray gravel road…”

Jean Rowe

“The way you looked at Mama rather than at the camera in photos taken of the two of you”

Nancy S. Scherlong

“When we packed the boxes”

Pat Schneider

“We tell stories, build…”


Human life consists of meetings and partings,

Allegra Silberstein

“I breathe…”

Lisa Marie Smith

“I have discovered/in trying to meditate”

Jeanine Stevens

“Trees drop shadows. Purple filters asparagus green.”

“Shadows sink this evening/into pearl white hydrangeas.”

“Late afternoon, I wait”

“Dusk, a bird at the window, intent jet eyes”

Mark Strand

“In a field…”

Sara Teasdale

“The park is filled with night and fog, …”

Edward Thomas

“Downhill I came, hungry, and yet not starved;”

Anne Valley-Fox

“Resist falling back asleep, the loveliness…”

Julia Vinograd

“Happiness always feels like a mistake.”

Marci Vogel

I awake early without/you who are/in a room all/apricot & cherry.”

Nancy Wallace

“I’m getting holiday indoor east coast downtown…”

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