In Print Journals

The Current, The Crucible, Echoes, Ekphrasis, Free-Wheeling, Nimrod International, Packinghouse Review, Picayune Literary Review, Poetry Now, Sage Trail, Solitary Plover, Solo Novo, Song of the San Joaquin, Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, Suisun Valley Review, Tiger’s Eye Journal, Virginia Quarterly Review

A thoughtful analysis by Christian Detisch “One Night” from Virginia Quarterly Review

Listen to “Six Minutes at Sunset” published in Song of the San Joaquin.

In Online Journals

Flash Flood on Cloud Appreciation Society

Ink and Pen in The Poetry of Yoga

Old Griefs in Snapdragon

Sea Change: A Scrap of Immigrant’s Tale in The Axe Factory

What More Can You Do? in Radius

Travel by Train in Haibun Today

The Cenote at Night in West Trestle Review

arena in elephant journal

Visiting West Virginia in elephant journal

Listening to BBC World on the Car Radio in elephant journal

Dolly and the Tardigrades in Red Booth Review

Diospyros virginiana in Turtle Island Quarterly

Rock Collector and Axons & Dendrites in Turtle Island Quarterly

Someone Inside, Summer Evening, What the Driver Said, Forgiving Each Other in eskimopie

A Vey Serious Loss in Poetry Nook

A Very Serious Loss in poemcrossing

Halfway in elephant

On the Island of Recollection in elephant

Preparing a Missive in elephant


Inlandia,  BeniciaPatchCyclamens and SwordsFoundling Review,  InlandiaKrityaMedusa’s KitchenMunyoriPedestal Magazine,  Peter ParasolPrime NumberTheodateQuill & ParchmentVerbatimWashington Post PostLocalWest Trestle Review

Collaborative Projects

“Outer Edges” in the short story collection  Women on the Brink, 2015

Thirty found poems from Eudora Welty’s The Optimist’s Daughter, Pulitzer Remix 2013

Recording of June 2013 reading at Sacramento’s Center for Contemporary Art


The Absence of Something Specified (Fern Rock Falls Press, 2016)

District Lines (Politics & Prose, January 2016)

Sacramento Voices (Cold River Press, 2015)

Poeming Pigeons (The Poetry Box, 2015)

Late Peaches: Poems by Sacramento Poets (Sacramento Poetry Center, 2012)

Dogs Singing (Salmon Poetry, 2010)
Wild Edges (Manzanita Writers Press, 2010)

Lyrics (thank you, musicians!):

“Appalachian Coal” beautifully set to music and performed by Bob Stanley.

“On Chincoteague” beautifully set to music and performed by Jessica Graae.