Editing for Your Small Business

After 25 years of freelance writing, editing and teaching, I’m happily at a place in my life where I can choose my projects.

These days, I’m primarily interested in applying my writing and editing skills to supporting fellow entrepreneurs, especially smart, fun, kind, energetic women who run independent service-oriented businesses like yoga studios, art studios, cafes, bakeries, caterers, farmers, pet groomers, pet sitters and the like.

The work I do to support others in their work is one strand in a greater fabric of women earning a living doing what they love. I’m loyal to those who hire me. We stay in touch; you can count on me anytime; your successes are my successes.

When I work with you on your personal writing or professional website, we talk about where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going.

Everyone needs an extra set of eyes and ears on her writing.

When reading your work and in conversation with you, I catch your reflection and hold it so you can see, hear and recognize yourself and your goals. By asking questions, I help you find what you want to communicate to your community.

In the polished writing, your voice rings strongly, your style is apparent.

Previous consulting projects include:

I welcome unusual and eclectic projects. 

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