Virabhadrasana I + Susan Kelly-DeWitt

Extending, reaching, staying attentive,  breathing…Virabhadrasana I, warrior I, calls on a person, as does the poem “Credo,” to take a position. The poem is from The Fortunate Islands by Susan Kelly-DeWitt.



I believe


in the way a bee enters a Rose

of Sharon with its whole gold dollop

of a body, expecting to back out

again, into the dry daylight,


expecting to return

home to the hive of the busy

and living, loaded with the stuff

of honey.


I believe


in the night-crazed

boats of the crickets, their wavery

flotations of song, more steady

than my heart-



in the deeper grasses

we call love–


I believe


in their fevered appetites

their pithy sermons

on brevity.


Susan Kelly De-Witt


Pair with: Virabhadrasana I, warrior I

Speak: Look closely at the stanza, “in the deeper grasses/we call love–” and notice how the poem moves into  a quieter tone there. The poet shifts from a first person singular to first person plural point of view. Allow a spirit of invitation to enter your voice at that point. Listen.

Consider: What is your credo about the natural or non-human world? What do you notice and believe about  bees and crickets, about the human family we call us?

Note: Poem used by permission of the author.


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